Neuroscience Meeting

Lunteren, The Netherlands
20-21 June 2019



  • To participate, you must:

    1. Register

    The first step is registration. Only after registration will you have access to your personal myDNM page, from which you will have access to a variety of additional information.

    Members of the Organising Committee, session chairs and all their speakers are already 'pre-registered'; please don't register again! If you have any questions, contact us —we're here to help!

    2. Submit an abstract (through your personal myDNM page)

    • mandatory, if you are a speaker (your session chair has provided you with information about this);
    • optional, for anyone else (these abstracts will be considered for inclusion in the Poster sessions; accepted abstracts will be listed here after 20 April 2019).

    3. Select your attendance package (through your personal myDNM page)

    Everyone must select an attendance package: when you will be present (one or two days), whether you need a room to sleep, dinner, etc.

    4. Pay (see also the payment page)

    That's the hard part (unless your expenses are covered, of course!), but remember that payment is fundamental for the organisation of this excellent meeting.

    5. Get to Lunteren on time

    We will be happy to welcome you to Lunteren next 20 & 21 June. Bring a smile and join one of the most interesting get-togethers in your area of research!


    The official language of the meeting, both for oral and poster presentations, is English.

  • Abstracts

    The guidelines for the preparation of abstracts are the same for everyone. The guidelines shown below are also available through the abstract submission form. Abstracts are submitted exclusively through this website, through your personal myDNM page.

    The title must start in uppercase and continue in lowercase, except for conventional terms (ATP, DNA, NFκB, etc). Example:
       This title is written correctly
       This Title is Not Properly Written

    If more than one author, underline your name (the presenting author, in whatever position you appear in the author list) and use commas to separate the names; do not use 'and' before the last author. Write first name(s) as initials and surname in full. If more than one affiliation, use sequential superscript numbers to identify each institution. Example:
      M. Rossi1, J. Doe2, F.C. Bloggs1,2
      1Dept Biomembranes, Golgi & Veratti Univ., Pavia, Italy
      2Dept Bioblast Analyses, Altmann Univ., Leipzig, Germany

    Keep the abstract text to within 2000 characters, spaces included (this is roughly equivalent to 250 words).

    All speakers should submit an abstract for their presentation. All other participants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract for a poster presentation.


    If your abstract is selected for a poster presentation, when preparing your poster please remember that the area available to you is 90 x 110 cm (width x height).

    "Portrait" is fine poster should be PORTRAIT    poster should NOT be LANDSCAPE "Landscape" not...

    Your poster should be readable from a 2-metre distance; as a rough guideline, use a font size of 72 pts for your title, and a minimum of 28 pts for your text.

    Posters must be mounted on the day of the presentation between 08:00 and the start of the first session of the day (9:50 on Thursday, and 09:00 on Friday). Posters should only be removed at the end of the day and before 08:00 of the following day (or by 16:00 on Friday, 21 June).


  • Master students

    As a result of a combined effort by the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting organisers, the Dutch Neurofederation, and the coordinators of several Master Programmes across the Netherlands, Master students who present a poster at one of the two poster sessions can attend the meeting FOR FREE on that day.

    All Master students are encouraged to participate. The one-day free pass covers the full participation on the day of the poster presentation, including coffee/tea breaks and lunch. Additional costs (e.g., overnight accommodation, dinner, attending a second day) need to be paid separately. Encourage your supervisor or Master Programme coordinator to help you attend the full meeting!

    N.B. Master students awarded a free day pass who do not show up to present their poster will be charged 20 EUR after the meeting, to cover the lunch fee.


  • All speakers have already been 'pre registered'. As a speaker, you are kindly requested to

    • 1) check/complete the pre-registered data (your session chair may have provided incomplete information) and
    • 2) submit an abstract (speakers are kindly requested to do so as soon as possible).

    To complete these two steps, please access your myDNM page; you will need your e-mail address and a password. For your first access, please request a temporary password from the automated system: just click the "Lost, forgotten, or unknown password" link in the login page. If you need any clarifications, please contact us .

    If you wish to register an accompanying person please contact us .

    Presentation format

    The format of your presentation (duration and discussion times) should have been communicated to you by your session chair. Presentations should be in English. Please remember that most people in your audience are not native English speakers - speak clearly (whether or not English is your native tongue) and not too fast.

    Beamer equipment is available in all lecture rooms. Your session chair is in charge of the computer logistics. Room assistance is available during each session for additional help. Please contact your session chair or co-chair well in advance of the start of your session to arrange for a swift change of files between presentations. The organisers' suggestion to the moderators is for all presentation files to be collected on a single laptop.

    For any questions, contact your direct session organiser (chair). If you need any clarifications, please contact us .


    If you are entitled to reimbursements, you can download a reimbursement form from this page. Please fill in the form as requested and return it by mail to the meeting treasurer no later than 15 July 2019. Please pay particular attention when filling in your data; for reimbursement forms that are properly filled in, the organisation can ensure a swift bank transfer (most often in less than a month).

    Note that the travel costs eligible for reimbursement are based on air fare APEX tourist class, 2nd class train fares, and local taxi costs; also, remember that the organisers need a copy of all your tickets.

    The address of the meeting treasurer is:

    Jocelien Olivier
    University of Groningen
    Nijenborgh 7
    9747 AG Groningen
    The Netherlands

  • All Session Organisers (chairs & co-chairs) have already been 'pre registered'. You are kindly requested to complete the online registration (regarding your attendance days, accommodation, meals, etc). To complete this step, please access your personal myDNM page; you will need your e-mail address and a password. For your first access, please request a temporary password from the automated system: just click the "Lost, forgotten, or unknown password" link in the login page. If you need any clarifications, please contact us .

    If you wish to register an accompanying person please contact us .

    Through your personal myDNM page you may also submit an abstract for a poster presentation.

    In addition to the Instructions for Proposal Submission (that included the guidelines for your original session proposal; this document is also available in your personal myDNM page), the Organising Committee provides the following suggestions in the hope that these will contribute to the successful development of your session and the meeting in general.

    Your task at the meeting is to chair the session and oversee the computer logistics. A beamer is available during the session but you need to bring a laptop to complete the projection equipment. Room assistance will be available. The organisers strongly advise you to collect all the presentation files on a single laptop prior to your session. This will guarantee smooth exchange between the presentations.

    Please ensure strict adherence to the schedule stated in the programme. This is crucial in order to enable participants interested in different subjects to move between different parallel sessions. Please understand that this is of the utmost importance and convey the concept to all your speakers.

  • Helpdesk

    Doubts about something? Don't panic: if you need any help, we'll be happy to assist you.
    Before the meeting, contact us by e-mail.

    During the meeting, the registration desk is open as indicated below. At any other times, various members of the Organising Committee will also be able to provide you with helpful directions if you need them.

    Registration Desk

    At 'De Werelt', the registration desk will be open on:

    • Thursday, 20 June: 9:00-14:00 and 15:30-18:00
    • Friday, 21 June: 08:30-14:00

    Remember that a lot of information about the status of your registration (attendance days, abstract submitted, etc) is available through your personal myDNM page.